I sleep better

I’m not as depressed or worried as I was and I sleep better.

Curts, 68 y/o, April 2022

TMS had improved my quality of life

I feel that TMS had improved my quality of life. It takes dedication to go to the office so much, but a happy life is worth it. I referred my mother to have a consult.

Male, 46 y/o, March 2022

I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again

My TMS treatments have made a huge impact on lessening my depression, and I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again. It was difficult to consistently attend the appointments because of my depression, but I began noticing a difference in my mood after about two weeks. The treatments themselves, although uncomfortable, are made easier to tolerate because of Biljana and how personable she is. Everyday she makes sure that you are comfortable before treatment and checks in during treatment as well. I did not notice any side effects such as headache, dizziness, tiredness, or anything else. I’m very grateful I was able to have TMS done.

Female, 23 y/o, March 2022

Overall better than any medication I’ve been on

Clearer head, reduced depression, more energy, and better mood. Overall better than any medication I’ve been on. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s resistant towards medication.

Carmina, 23 y/o Female, March 2022

TMS has saved my life

If you are considering TMS please allow me to share my experience; TMS has saved my life. I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life. After 40+ years I am so grateful to have found a way to resolve my depression and now spontaneously think positive thoughts and have hope for my future. The Doctors and staff at Folsom caring and welcoming. Biljana as my clinician was thoughtful and is comfortable sitting quietly or engaging in good conversation. Along with regular exercise, and a healthy diet, TMS was the cornerstone for my full recovery from hopelessness.


TMS has definitely helped me

I overall feel a lot better, TMS has definitely helped me. Everybody I worked with was also super friendly and helpful.

Kayla, 22 y/o

I feel like there is hope and I feel confident in my ability to cope

TMS has helped me immensely just by creating a regular schedule and daily social interaction alone. Biljana made me feel so welcome and comfortable and I genuinely looked forward to my daily treatment. I have absolutely noticed the benefits of TMS. I feel like there is hope and I feel confident in my ability to cope in difficult situations. Thank you so much!

Female, 25 y/o

I am nothing short of amazed and grateful for the outcome

Before attempting TMS I had tried several medications. I incorporated exercise, eating well, meditation… I would have a “good” day here and there, but there was no consistency in being able to function day to day. I just completed the entire course of treatment and I am nothing short of amazed and grateful for the outcome. My depression has abated, my anxiety is significantly reduced, I have so much more energy, tasks aren’t overwhelming, I can focus better, and I no longer get headaches every single day. The staff are genuinely invested in your care and are very professional. Overall, this was a life-changing experience and I will be forever thankful!

S.P., 49 y/o

The doctor and staff were attentive and responsive

I was very nervous going in to the treatment. I really didn’t know what to expect beyond what I’ve been told or researched on my own. I really wanted it to work but I was afraid to get my hopes up. The doctor and staff were attentive and responsive to my questions and my concerns. They explained everything they were doing and why things are done a certain way. I never felt pressure to go beyond my comfort zone. As treatments continued, the main improvement I noticed was my sleep. With young kids, my sleep is often interrupted. Waking up in the mornings, I never felt rested. Once treatments became more regular, I noticed, the sleep I did get, was a deeper sleep. The sleep I was getting was a better sleep than I’ve had in a long time. I’m sure that better sleep caused (or will cause) a ripple affect of other positive changes…more energy which means more patience which means better relationships with my kids and husband. It definitely wasn’t an over night change but it definitely was a step in the right direction.

Female, 42 y/o

I only wish I discovered this sooner!

I admit I was skeptical of TMS at first, but after many years of going through the rollercoaster of different meds it was worth a shot. The daily treatments are so easy it was hard to believe anything was happening at first. Others started to notice a change in my deameanor. Now, weeks later I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my mood and just overall sense of well-being. I only wish I discovered this sooner!

December 2019.
David, 50 y/p\o

This has really changed my life!

My brain has become so clear in processing thoughts and emotions.

Everything is better with a clear mind and emotional control
Participating in cognitive therapy is crucial to changing thought patterns as my brain health improves. I feel like I get the chance to start life over, on my terms, without a handicap. Everything is better with a clear mind and emotional control.


I am so grateful for TMS!

TMS allowed me to be able to take control of my life and not feel so depressed and anxious. I strongly recommend using TMS as a treatment for depression.


We are so grateful

Dr. Aggarwal is an exceptional doctor! He was able to connect with our teen daughter at her level even on her first visit. She came away feeling relieved that she had been heard, understood and that help had finally arrived! At every visit Dr. Aggarwal has shown an amazing ability to make my daughter feel safe, secure and comfortable with sharing her thoughts and concerns, all the while being completely professional.

Our teen daughter…came away feeling relieved that she had been heard, understood and that help had finally arrived!
He has shown expertise on prescribing the correct medications and finding the correct dosage by asking and listening to my daughter’s feedback. Not only has he gained the confidence and trust of our daughter, but also of my husband and myself. He is respectful to his young patients, but also to the family as a whole and is able to foster a cohesiveness with all involved parties including counselors. He is extremely approachable, very warm and always greets everyone with a smile. Each visit is looked forward to along with his fantastic sense of humor that breaks down tension and allows for a lighter mood. My daughter has improved so much since her first visit with Dr. Aggarwal. He is making such a positive impact on our family and we are so grateful that our daughter is under his care!

A Very Grateful Family

My experience with TMS Treatments

For many, many years I struggled with severe, deep depression. The doctors and I tried several different pills but they didn’t help much. When Dr Sekhon recommended TMS, I decided to try the treatment. I wanted to have the treatments only 4 times a week. When Dr Sekhon explained that 5 times a week would help the treatment work, I agreed to 5 days a week. At first, the sensation on my head was annoying; by the third treatment the sensation started to become a lot less apparent. The treatment room was a little chilly for me so I brought in a small lightweight blanket. As I sat back, closed my eyes and relaxed, I almost fell asleep a few times.

I now feel a peace and contentment that I didn’t know existed

I am so glad that I followed through with all the treatments! The changes that I experienced were subtle and gradual and continued after the treatments were finished. I now feel a peace and contentment that I didn’t know existed; my relationships have improved; and I can start and even finish projects. I think that anyone struggling with severe depression should talk to the doctor about TMS.


I no longer feel that oppressive feeling

I have had horrible severe depression and anxiety for 40+ years, I have tried many medications over the years and nothing got rid of the oppressive depression feeling. Having been through the TMS therapy, I no longer feel that oppressive feeling and I am actually enjoying my life, which to me is so new and amazing.  I would like to thank the wonderful staff at Sacramento NeuroPsych in Folsom in particular Dr. Aggarwal for taking me on as a patient and being such a kind and understanding Doctor, and Biljana for being so kind and making my hour treatment so nice and relaxing. You are both truly a godsend to someone such as me. Thank you.

Deeana, 51 y/o

Staff provides compassionate, judgement-free care

I’ve had decreased anxiety and depression symptoms. Working with my TMS tech also provided needed social interaction and made me feel empowered in my mental health care. Staff provides compassionate, judgement-free care that works for my schedule. Would definitely recommend!

Anonymous, 24 y/o

This has been a game-changer

After years of taking various antidepressants with little success, TMS has been an incredible addition to my mental health self-care regimen. I also get TMS for anxiety, and this has been a game-changer. I’m halfway through the treatment course, and the benefits become more and more evident as time passes. If you are reading this, Call Sacramento Neuro Psych Associates now. You won’t regret it. It may seem scary at first, but it’s painless and does not alter who you are (depression and anxiety are not part of who you are at your core). In fact, you’ll feel more like your authentic self in no time.

Lastly, The office staff and techs are exceptional, knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. This is a winning team and they are part of the reason I sought treatment at this location. HUGE shoutout to Biljana who administers my daily TMS. She is phenomenal with the technical aspects of the treatment and ensures your comfort. She is an asset that is only reinforced by her kind, helpful demeanor. Do it for yourself; don’t give up! Put depression and anxiety in the past!

Anonymous, 45 y/o